The Lap Band Surgery

The Lap Band Surgery

Approved by the FDA in June 2001, the BioEnterics LAP-BAND Adjustable Gastric Banding System is a safe, secure, and minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. At Puget Sound Bariatric Centre, we are proven to be experts in weight loss surgery; you will be in good hands. Learn more about The Lap Band Surgery and contact us today!

BioEnterics LAP-BAND Adjustable Gastric Banding System is for the morbidly obese and works by reducing the capacity of the stomach, which in turn restricts the amount of food that is consumed. In 1993 the clinical introduction for the LAP-BAND was introduced and since then more then 100,000 procedures have been performed around the world.

Adjustable Lap Band Surgery Option

A benefit of the LAP-BAND System is that it is the only weight loss surgery that can be adjusted for customized weight-loss and improve your results. Individual needs are customized as the patient requires. For example, if you become pregnant, we can loosen the band to accommodate the need of the growing fetus, or if you are not losing the weight at a rate you are expecting, we can tighten the band to increase your weight-loss.

When the band needs to be adjusted, the process is done by connecting tubing to an access port placed well below the skin during the surgery. When connected to the port with a fine needle through the skin, saline solution can be injected to inflate or deflate the band as required.

The Lap Band Surgery Success Story!

Hillary T.


the lap band surgery


Hillary T. - Before

No matter how hopeless things may seem, a change IS possible. At 25, I felt old, sick, and tired. I was taking three medications, was very inactive, and felt I was missing out on life. Puget Sound Surgical Center helped me see that weight loss surgery was a realistic and healthy option; with their help I realized I could achieve my goals and lost over 100 pounds after LAP-BAND surgery.

I’m so pleased with the care I’ve received at PSSC – the education, encouragement, and accountability they offer has helped me achieve the success that I have. Now I enjoy running and living an active lifestyle. I’m so thankful I’m able to experience life now!